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Increased germination
Better quality
Higher yields

Life improving results speak for themselves!
To improve yours, scroll down!

Water is structured in a vortex chamber containing
precision made crystal glass balls and pure copper balls
enveloped by Power Rock mineral mix.

Banana farmers:
Less persticides, less fertilizer and less water
Better quality, increased yields, higher income.


Less inflammations and less birth issues.
Healthier cows, more and better quality milk.
Higher income for our dairy farmers

Extensive research is being done worldwide.
Join our research.

Extensive research is being done worldwide.
Join our research.

Structured Water

Our world is changing, our economy is changing, eople have thoughts every day,
some of these thoughts lead to new inventions….
Our water structuring products are already improving our world today for tomorrow.

Crystal Blue water structuring products are improving the quality of our life, plants and animals, grassroots up,
a water structuring solution improving waterquality globally TODAY

  • Structured water in Agriculture:  Higher yields, Better quality products and thus higher revenue.
  • Livestock farming: less inflammation, less birth issues, lower veterinary costs
  • Health & Sports: Structured water increased cellular hydration, improved detoxification, and thus higher vitality.


Benefits & Results of structured water

Our Worldwide Research

We take great pride in the good our products are doing all around the world, so much so that we provide you with all the research we’ve conducted on the effects of using our water structuring products for your water.
Our structured water has helped homes, farms, hotels, restaurants and more provide clean and life changing water.

Learn more about our research below!













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